Could This Three Brilliant Lessons Be The Definitive Secret Success of MICHAEL CAMMARATA?

Revolutionizing the Retail Business

StarCraft is a real-time strategy game, and your success is entirely dependent on how you manage the resources in your possession. It’s not about having the best weapon or army, it’s about how much you have and keeping control of it. Distraction is the real enemy. If you don’t control your resources or have a clear sense of your priorities, you won’t have the ability to adapt throughout the game.

Same goes for business. It’s critical to be constantly anticipating not only your competitor’s next move, but also total market trends and opportunities. By thinking ahead and using educated guesses to predict what does not yet exist, you stay nimble and can continue to evolve.

You’re managing an organization when you’re playing StarCraft. Only they’re called unit soliders, not employees.

Sometimes you have to make the choice between paying more attention to the maintenance of a specific unit, or handful of units, and your big picture battle strategy. Micromanaging ensures that you have total control and leaves almost nothing to chance, while macromanaging employs trust in your team and allows you to plan for future moves, developing more strategic maneuvering of your resources. Ultimately the game requires a balance between the two, just as any business does. Innovation is driven both by big-picture, strategic thinking and by maintaining a competent, empowered team to manage the things you can’t.

Plain and simple—if I hadn’t gotten good enough to join that original StarCraft clan, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Those were the people who introduced me to the technologies and opportunities that have formed every building block of my career since then. Even as I’ve navigated entirely new ventures (entertainment, natural consumer products), I still find myself calling on the same people I met in those early days. And my personal network just continues to grow.

Ironically enough, the only job Michael Cammarata ever applied for in his life was at Blizzard, the company that makes StarCraft. He didn’t get the gig. Instead, he made his own and never looked back.

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