Why do employers use temporary staffing services?

Why do employers use temporary staffing services?

Have you ever wondered why customers use hiring practices? The American Staffing Association conducted a survey of clients who have recently used such companies. The two main reasons were flexibility and access to talent.

When employers decide to hire a recruiting firm, they already have an idea of ​​the type of candidate they need and whether it is a permanent or temporary position. They can give a description of the day-to-day responsibilities, the minimum requirements and what they expect from a candidate. This allows the staffing agency to identify the appropriate candidate for each position.

Flexibility refers to the ability of recruiters to work with clients seeking a willing candidate to work only a few days or to find a permanent candidate within the organization. Staff companies have access to candidates seeking only temporary positions. These candidates are an excellent combination for companies that only need one candidate to replace an employee outside the office or even to fill a position at a time of the year (for example, tax period). Temporary staffing services are also an excellent source of candidates looking for a permanent position within an organization. A misconception is that it is only a temporary service.

Although some staff work firms specialize in temporary work, most companies are acquiring more temporary and direct hiring positions. This allows the client to decide how long a candidate will need and also gives him / her time to decide if the candidate placed in his / her organization is a good option.

Another reason employers hire personnel companies is their access to talent and the ability of recruiters to find passive candidates. Recruiting companies have an extensive database in which to find the right candidate for any position. Some candidates prefer to work with staff before starting to send resumes to employers, as companies also have access to positions that have not yet been advertised. It works for both employers and employees.

Recruitment companies can offer benefits to an employer. Recruiters specialize in finding and locating the right candidate within an organization. This eliminates many of the conjectures that employers must assume. Recruitment firms only send qualified candidates for a given position, who have already interviewed the candidate, reviewed their credentials and tested their skills to ensure understanding of the different programs. The employer can view all this information, which allows you to make a more informed decision when hiring a candidate for your position.

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